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NOTE: wholesale snap button & snaps jewelry, fashion jewelry

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If you have an account and Sign In, you may want to choose some products:


        1. Find "Product Categories" which products you like and click, You will find: Some explanations, Sub-Categories, Popular search, Hot items in this category.
        2. Click what you interested going to products list,you can SORT BY: STOCK QTY, ITEM CODE, NEW ARRIVALS, RESTOCK TIME,PRICE, BEST SELLERS to choose products.
        3. Click Green Button "ADD" to add shopping cart, the default QTY is 1 pc, also you could input the quantity what you like.
        4. Go to Shopping Cart, Update the quantity of the products and Checkout.
Tips: The contents of your cart are remembered forever as long as the items are still sold at JaynaLee. When you return to JaynaLee, all of your items will still be in your cart unless you delete them or finish the order.
        5. Input the "Shipping Information" and choose "Shipping Method". When you click the green button "Place Order" that the Order will be placed, then you can go to Paypal to pay the order.
Tips: We do not have a minimum amount requirement For orders.
        6. We will processing order and delivery within 48 hours when we received the payment.

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