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Cash in Account

1.Cash Happen


       a. Website will present as coupon at sometime, Or discount of the order when sales promotion.
       b. Recharge to improve the level of discount.
       c. Pay for order and the order is processing.
       d. Few products are out of stock, we will put the balance to your account.
       e. Returns & Refunds: we will put the money to your account when you need to Returns & Refunds if you have not ask to refund to your paypal.
       f. Maybe other ways.



2.Use Cash


       1. If you have Cash in your account, you could user next order. for example:
              You have US$10 in your account
              You place a new order, the total is US$200
              You only need pay the US$190 for this order.

       2. Also you can ask to bring it to your paypal account
       NOTE: If get the Cash from the above a,b, it is unallowed to bring to paypal account

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