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NOTE: Christmas super sale From NOW - 15th December 2023

Christmas super sale

Clicks: 79Release time: 11 / 10 / 2023
Dear Friends:
Greetings! Friends of Jaynalee, Thanks for your support, we are glad to offer you a discount  -  $10 goods value return for each goods value of order up to $100
Place orders and pay in this time ( start now - 15th December 2023 ), you will get this discount.
How it works?
1. Place and Pay orders as usual.
2. We will give back discount of this order to your account.
3. You could check your Cash Account (on our website) balance ( )
4. You can use this credit for your next orders, but do not minus payments directly from first order.
5. This promotion is for all customers, so you no need do anything special, we will use your credit for your next orders even you forgot.
How to calculate this discount?
the goods value of an order up to $100 get $10, up to $200 get $20... no upper limit
PS: if goods value is $199, only get $10 discount
Please enjoy your online shopping.
Best wishes for this holiday season.
Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas this holiday season.

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